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Weld RE-8 Transportation

Director of Support Services/Transportation
Andrew Moore

Transportation Coordinator
Mrs. Cindy Borrego

Transportation Secretary
Mrs. Peggy Eagen

Transportation Secretary
Mrs. Maria Almeida De Iguado

Transportation Links (Handbook, Caught Being Good, etc)Transportation Reminders for registration in August 2017: If your student rode the bus for the last month of school (May 2018) then you will automatically be registered for the bus for the first day of the 2018/2019 school year. If your student/s haven't previously ridden the bus or didn't ride five or more consecutive days at the end of the 17/18school year, please register your student no later than August 3, 2018 at the Transportation Department located at 616 S. Denver Avenue or by phone at 303-857-7370. We cannot guarantee that students registered after that time will be able to ride the bus the first days of school.


Weld Re-8 District Map

Transportation Links (Handbook, Caught Being Good, Etc.