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Director's News/Updates

Dear Preschool Families and Weld Re-8 Community,

Happy May!

The final few weeks of the school year are a time of continued learning, positive reflection, and hope for the future. We cannot believe how much our students have grown in their knowledge and skills since the beginning of the year! We believe deeply in each of our students, and we have great expectations for everything our students will continue to achieve as our younger students return to us next year and our student leaders move on to Kindergarten. Congratulations to our very first Little Trappers Preschool class as they transition to Kindergarten!

If you have not yet done so, the month of May is a good time to complete student registration. Families of children who will be 3 or 4 on or before August 1st may pick up a preschool registration packet at Little Trappers Preschool during normal business hours. Families of new and returning preschool students need to complete a preschool registration packet. Preschool is available to all 4 year olds who live in Weld Re-8. All families of 3 year olds are also encouraged to complete a registration packet to apply so that preschool eligibility may be determined. Families of students who will be 5 on or before August 1st may pick up a registration packet for Kindergarten at Twombly, Butler, or Quest (for Homyak).

Celebrations for the month of May include:

May 1st, 5:00 PM-7:30 PM: Awards ceremony and dinner for English Language Acquisition students at Fort Lupton Middle School

May 18th: Last day of preschool and preschool field trip to the park

Families are welcome to join the field trip. Information about the last day of preschool and preschool field trip will be sent home in Thursday folders.

We thank our Preschool families and the Weld Re-8 community for your partnership and investment in giving our District's students a strong start. Your collaboration is valued and critical at this early stage, and throughout children's education.

Have a wonderful next few weeks and Summer!

Dr. Wynette C. Howard
Executive Director of Early Childhood Programs/
Little Trappers Preschool Administrator